Australian Amphipoda: Melitae

J.K. Lowry, P.B Berents & R.T. Springthorpe

(Variant) Dulichiella appendiculata (Say, 1818)

Pereon. Gnathopod 2 left and right gnathopods subequal in size; merus with sharp posteroventral tooth; carpus short; propodus without medial depression, palm acute (slightly), straight or concave (slightly), smooth, without robust setae, defined by posterodistal robust setae, defined by posteroventral corner; apically acute/subacute.

Pleon. Distribution. Queensland: Lizard Island; Yonge Reef, Great Barrier Reef (both Berents, 1983). New South Wales: Julian Rocks, Byron Bay; Mary's Rock, Cook Island; Split Solitary Island; Coff's Harbour; Boambee Creek, Sawtell; Port Stephens; off Burwood Beach; Box Head, Broken Bay; off Long Reef; Port Jackson; Botany Bay; off Wattamolla; off Wollongong; Jervis Bay; Twofold Bay (all AM). Victoria: Western Port (NMV). Tasmania: Esperance Point, D'Entrecasteaux Channel (AM). South Australia: Sanders Bank, Kangaroo Island; Spencers Gulf (Chilton, 1921).

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