Crustacea, the Higher Taxa

J.K. Lowry

Arguloidea (Branchiura, Maxillipoda)

Common name. Fish Lice.

Description. Head. Rostrum absent; eyes sessile; compound, visual elements present; ocular scale absent; naupliar eyes present. Antennules (antenna 1) uniramous, or absent (reduced or absent); peduncle and flagellum indistinguishable; exopod usually small hooks or spines. Antennae (antenna 2) uniramous, or reduced, vestigial or absent. Mouthparts not highly modified. Maxillipeds, absent. Thorax. Carapace present, univalved, enclosing head and thorax, dorsoventrally flattened, smooth. Thorax and abdomen differentiated. Peraeopods (legs) 4 pairs; biramous; non-phyllopodous; undifferentiated (simple). Abdomen unsegmented. Epimera absent. Pleopods absent. Uropods well developed or vestigial or absent (if present, vestigial), 1 pair, positioned terminally or subterminally; rami absent; vestigial. Telson absent.

Larval development. Anamorphic.

Habitat. Marine, brackish and freshwater fish and amphibian ectoparasites.

Distribution. Worldwide.

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