Australian Isopoda: Families

S.J. Keable, G.C.B. Poore & G.D.F. Wilson


We thank Drs Penny Berents and Jim Lowry for initiating this project. SJK would like to thank Roger Springthorpe and Kate Attwood (Australian Museum) for advice on imaging software and Jo Taylor (Museum Victoria) for assistance in obtaining illustrations. Funding was provided by a New South Wales Government Biodiversity Enhancement Grant to the Australian Museum which was managed by Dr Winston Ponder.

For information on distributions and generic composition of most families this database drew on that provided by Kensley, B., Schotte, M. & Schilling, S., 1996. World list of marine, freshwater and terrestrial Crustacea: Isopoda. 1996.

Images from recent papers by the following (senior) authors are credited in the taxon images and acknowledged here: N.L. Bruce; B.F. Cohen; L.J. Cookson; D.M. Holdich; J. Just; B.F. Kensley; F. Lewis; J.-Y. Park; P. Serov, J.D. Shields. Use of earlier images from publications of C. Chilton, H.M. Hale, H.J. Hansen, G.E. Nicholls, H. Richardson, K. Stephensen and especially G.O. Sars are also similarly acknowleged. We are also grateful to Roger Springthorpe for making available some superb photographic images.

Dr Niel Bruce provided useful suggestions for improvement of test versions of the database.

Dr Kenneth Meland investigated literature concerning authorship of the Munnopsididae and brought to our attention the original publication of the family name by Lilljeborg (1864). Dr Jean-Paul Trilles provided information used in the synonymy of the Tylidae.